For pilots

Jelkin Hram’s integrated offer for paraglider and hang glider pilots includes accommodation, local cuisine and all the information and services that paragliders and hang gliders need.

We are the first specialized paragliding center in the Soča Valley and certainly among the first in Europe!

Over 25 years of experience!


Jelkin Hram dates back to 1987, when we sponsored first paragliders in Drežnica and Kobarid. Today we offer pilots’ services all in one place: testing center for paragliders, shuttle to take-offs, weather information and guiding with a paragliding instructor, if requested. For experienced pilots, who wish to improve their knowledge of XC flying, we provide a world-class pilots escort upon your request.

Over 20 paragliding schools, associations and agencies worldwide trust our long term experiences and keep coming back.
The Soča Valley is known for its climatic conditions, which are ideal for paragliding and hang gliding. This is also confirmed by the fact, that many world records in XC flying have been set here. Because of excellent flying conditions we have hosted many PWC (Paragliding World Cup) competitions, National championships and International events with the world’s elite pilots.

Today Jelkin Hram supports local association »Adrenalin paragliding team«, we participates in development of sports tourism and paragliding in the Soča Valley. We are also sponsors of world-class competitions and individuals.

If you are not a pilot, but you wish to experience the enjoyable feeling of flying, the Soča Valley is the best place to do it. A tandem flight with an experienced pilot can be arranged upon your request. …

We will safely take you up into the sky…

Paragliding Shuttle service

We also provide paragliding shuttle service for pilots, who are not our guests, but Jelkin Hram guests have priority and certain benefits. We adapt to your wishes and can also pick you up at the landing place, camp or other location by prior arrangement. For easier organization please call us in advance to reserve a place in a shuttle.

Need a shuttle…?

We also offer shuttle service for hikers and mountainbikers in Soča valley, transfers to and from the airport by prior arrangement (Trieste, Venice, Ljubljana…).

Because there are times when the weather conditions are not good for flying, we offer other activities for you to enjoy. We can take you to see the natural attractions nearby or further away, you can enjoy adrenaline water sports on the Soča River, or you can simply take a load off in our sauna…

You can check the prices of our shuttle services in the price list.

Have a nice flight!


To make your flight as delightful and carefree as possible, we choose the right take off  together with you, according to weather conditions and take you there with our van. Take-offs Ozben, Kuk, Kobala, Srednji vrh-Matajur and especially Stol, are no more than an hour drive from Drežnica. You can enjoy short panoramic flights over the Soča Valley or long ‘cross country’ flights in the Julian Alps.

Our paragliding instructor and experienced pilot can guide you throught the thermal over the emerald Soča River or just provide you weather information and tips upon your request. We can pick you up as you land. You simply call us by phone and our driver will take you back to landing place, camp. … With radio communication, we can be in contact all the time.

Safety comes first, so we pay special attention to continuous monitoring of the weather and cooperate with local association Adrenalin paragliding team and Mountain Rescue Service.

Hike & fly…

Our “green tip”  is hike & fly!

Alone or together with our experienced local pilots, you can discover the beauty of the hidden paths that lead you to the take-off places in Soča valley … hike & fly has become increasingly popular among paragliding pilots in recent years. Adapted equipment, which is much lighter as standard one, allows the pilot comfortable climb up the hill. From there a pilot can fly away with the glider.

We often make jokes about how paragliding look like in the past. It was a real sport, because take off places were high in the mountains only accessible by foot. Therefore pilots could enjoy the flight for a few minutes more. With years of development, performances of gliders went better and better. Pilots were mainly looking for take-off places accessible by vehicles from where with help of thermals could fly higher and further. We can say that nowadays this sport spirit returns. A number of pilots who combine hiking and flying are increasing. Some even does long tours or para-bivouac, where for several days or even weeks pilots overcoming distances only by hiking and flying.

Are you interested in hike & fly? On your request we can give all the necessary information you need. For individuals or small groups we can also provide a local experienced guide.

Take-off points

On the outskirts of the Triglav National Park lies a paradise for paragliders and hang gliders. A view towards the South lets you admire reflection of the Sun in the Adriatic Sea, a view towards the North on the other hand reveals the mighty mountains of the Julian Alps.The location and geographical features offer great conditions for paragliding begginers as well as experienced pilots.

»Adrenalin paragliding team Gornje Posočje« is responsible for the maintanence and tidiness of the take-off and landing places in Kobarid municipality. »DPL Posočje« takes care of the Kobala take-off, whereas »Polet Nova Gorica« takes care of the Lijak take-off. Users of all take-off and landing places do so at their own risk.

More info
» Društvo Adrenalin
» DPL Posočje
» Polet Nova Gorica
» JPD Kanin

In order to use take-off and landing places you need a ticket. Radio frequency for free flying is 147.800 MHz.

We wish you a nice flight and a happy landing!

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